Field report – no cars but confrontation…

We’re keen to get as much feedback as possible from people using the road and exploring near the lighthouse. Ruairidh MacKenzie submitted this on Facebook after a walk near Rua Reidh. It appears that a lack of cars doesn’t mean a lack of trouble:

we were sitting in our boat and heard the radio story about the road now being open to the public so thought it would be nice for the dog.

While walking the dog on the shore along this beautiful coastline my wife and i headed up onto the grass beside the lighthouse.

A woman with no manners started shouting at my wife and she squared right up to her.
we actually both thought she was about to strike my wife.
my wife and i were quite shocked at being screamed at this is what she said.

Can you not read – this is private property – get out

no need for the screaming — all we were doing was walking the dog on the shore

as far as im aware there is such a thing as the right to roam regardless of where you park your car

we felt sorry for her husband who was clearly very embarrassed at her childish behaviour. the man was having to hold her back by the jumper.

never mind the fact that paying guests witnessed her being verbally abusive towards visitors to the area

right royaly f***d aff we were spoiled a nice day..

anyone who fancies a mass walk and picnic on the grass some day.

id be game

gee we were only walking the dog

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