The owner of the keepers’ accommodation has this morning joined in the discussion on the Facebook group, with an account of a rescue at Rua Reidh yesterday and thoughts about people who might need to park close to the lighthouse, and about locals. (Whether the comments apply to some locals or all isn’t immediately clear.)

Photo from yesterday when we called the emergency services because a walker fell from the cliffs. The coastguard helicopter was quickly on the scene to rescue the injured lady. The ambulance waited at the lighthouse ready to transport her to Raigmore once she had been rescued by the winchmen. Lucky the boulders on the track to the helipad were in place, so that the helipad was not blocked by parked cars. Yes, the area that you’re all getting so exercised about is used as the emergency helipad. However had cars been parked there I’m sure that the injured lady and her family would have been fine about it. After all it’s much more important that lazy bastards who can’t be bothered to get off their fat arses and walk a few metres have somewhere to park than it is to have somewhere for the rescue helicopter to land. Perhaps the time has come to replace the boulders that can too easily be moved by the local morons, with lockable bollards or a gate to which only authorised users have the key.

The owners of the Rua Reidh keepers' accommodation interact with the Facebook group.