“False allegation”

Carolyn recently posted on our Facebook page about her experience at the Lighthouse when she took her 92-year-old father there after the Arctic Convoy commemorations (https://www.facebook.com/ruareidhroad/posts/651879851665833).

She’s been in touch to say she received the following message from Tracy McLachlan, but that it was quickly deleted:

You are clearly connected with the local hate campaign against me. As you well know, you drove onto our private property without permission. There is an obvious sign making it perfectly clear that the road is private and for authorised vehicles only. You ignored that sign and we asked you to leave. We had no idea who was in the car. There was no screaming or shouting. I videoed the encounter because we are having problems with the local hate campaign inventing incidents so we are now obtaining video evidence of all encounters with trespassers. As soon as you left I called the police and sent them a copy of the video. You also went to the police after being incited to do so by the local hate campaign, and I received a report from the police to say they have considered the video evidence and told you there was no crime committed, and gave you advice about entering private property without permission. The police have recorded this in their ongoing log of harassment incidents against us. I am disgusted at your exploitation of your father’s status as a war veteran in inventing this false allegation against us.

Are there any legal experts out there who could give an opinion as to whether the phrase exploitation of your father’s status as a war veteran in inventing this false allegation against us could constitute┬álibel?

We checked with Carolyn about the “obvious sign”. It was this one (or one very similar to it):

Photo of the sign at Melvaig, showing apparent anti-climb paint

This photo is from 2016, when the sign appeared at the Melvaig end of the road, complete with anti-climb paint, roughly when the owners of the keepers’ accommodation declared that the entire road from Melvaig to Rua Reidh was closed.

We will leave you to draw your own conclusions.

Field report: the sign at Melvaig – apparent anti climb paint

Someone staying in the area has shared this:

I looked at the sign at the end of Melvaig today. All the framework is covered in a sticky black substance – it looks like it could be anti climb paint. It’s also on the back of the sign and on the screws holding the sign to the frame. It goes almost down to the ground.

Photo of the sign at Melvaig, showing apparent anti climb paint

As you can see from the picture of a tissue it comes off the sign really easily. I got a bit on my hand and that was much harder to get off!

Photo of the sign at Melvaig, showing apparent anti climb paint and how easily it transfers

I thought you weren’t allowed to use anti climb paint below a certain height? And I heard that you had to put up warning signs – there weren’t any signs I could see. The sign’s really close to the road too – I was stood on the road when I took the pictures. If anyone leaned on the sign or brushed it they’d probably get this on their clothes or hands. And can sheep and cows rub against it?

So, we ask, does anyone have details of the legal position of this sign? Also, we heard a suggestion that the sign itself, despite being past the end of the village, is actually on the public road: does anyone know, or know how we could find out?